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Mixology Classes




You'll have access to digital recipe cards that can be saved to your phone and a printable card with all the cocktail recipes. 



Just choose how many guests are taking the mixology class and you'll see exactly how much of each ingredient you'll need. 



You'll learn how to use the bar tools, prepare your ingredients, and create each cocktail from scratch. The course is split into a series of videos so you can watch them at your own pace. 


What's included in the virtual mixology class?

Each class has a series of videos that you can watch whenever & wherever you'd like. Some of the topics covered in each class are...

-how to use professional bar tools
-how to use everyday kitchen items as bar tools
-editable shopping list based on the number of guests
-suggested replacements for each ingredient
-instructions to prepare your ingredients
-step-by-step video tutorials to create each cocktail
-digital AND printable recipe cards

What ingredients do I need for a mixology class?

Each class has a specific list of ingredients, which we'll provide before you purchase the course. You'll be able to view exactly how much of each ingredient you'll need, based on the number of guests taking the online class. Most ingredients can be found at the grocery & liquor store. 

We'll also provide a list of great substitutions in case you can't find a particular ingredient. We highly encourage you to use delivery services, if possible. Some of our favorites are Instacart, Drizzly, MiniBar, and Amazon. 

Do I need fancy bar tools to make these drinks?

Great news- NO. While professional bar tools make it easier to create these cocktails, you can absolutely use everyday items around your kitchen to create these drinks. You can make all of our cocktails with a mason jar, lid, wooden spoon, strainer (or slotted spoon), and shot glass. 

If you want to add some fancy bar tools to your home bar, click here to shop our favorite professional tools. 

How long can I keep the course?

You'll have lifetime access to all the course material. Each mixology class takes around 1 hour, from start to finish. You can complete all the modules in 1 day or space them out throughout the week. You do you, boo. 


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