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What does a Happy Hour class look like?

Happy Hours are a little different from private parties. These are webinar-style classes that you can purchase a-la-carte tickets to — so you never know who will be in the class! Kinda fun- right? ;) 


These classes consist of an introduction from your instructor, followed by any prep or simple syrup tutorials you may need. From there, the instructor will show you how to make the cocktails while sprinkling in some fun trivia. These are still super interactive — you’ll utilize the chat box to ask questions, interact with the group, and play our trivia games.

Which drinks will I make?

We have a long list of fun classes, so this can vary based on the class you sign up for. We have classes from holiday cocktails to fall favorites, and even Garnishes 101 for those looking to make their cocktails a little more fancy.

What ingredients will I need?

Your ingredients will depend on which cocktail(s) the class is on! Don’t worry though, a detailed ingredient list will be emailed to you when you sign up for the class.

What bar tools will I need?

Again this can vary depending on your cocktail choice. In most cases we suggest a cocktail shaker, muddle, jigger, and juicer. Don’t have any bar tools? No worries! We will teach you tricks to take those everyday kitchen tools (like mason jars and wooden spoons) and make them your own DIY bar set.

Will I need to be on camera?

Answer: Not at all! These are done “webinar style,” so while you can ask any questions and interact through the chat box, your camera and microphone will be turned off.

How many spots are there in a class?

Depending on how popular a class is there may be as little as 50 and as many as 100 per class. This means if you see one you really want to join, don’t be shy! The tickets may go sooner than you think! 

What if I can't make the live class- is it recorded?

Oh you BETCHA. We searched high & low for the best software for these Happy Hours. We knew there were certain 'bells & whistles' that we needed for these classes, and an easy-to-access class recording was definitely one of them. After your class, we'll send the replay of the class to your inbox so you can rewatch it on your own time. 

If I'm taking the class with another person, how many tickets do I purchase?

We've made it super simple: 1 ticket = 1 device. So if you're taking the class with 3 people who are all using 1 device, then you only need to purchase 1 ticket! 


we gotchu.

We also offer private virtual mixology classes (our speciality, actually). 


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