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Which drinks will I make?

We have a wide range of amazing cocktail (& mocktail!) recipes to choose from. So whether you like it classic and simple, or bold and complex, we have a drink to compliment your event! 


Want something completely unique tailored for your brand? We can do that too! Just ask us about custom cocktail creations.

What ingredients will I need?

Ingredients will vary based on the delicious cocktail(s) you select. Typically, our cocktails keep it simple with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugar, and even some spices. Don’t worry though — a custom ingredient list will be sent out to you with plenty of time for you to collect all the items you need for your creations. 

P.S. We make sure that all of our ingredients are simple & easy to find at the grocery store!

What bar tools will I need?

Again, this can vary depending on your cocktail choice but typically a cocktail shaker, muddle, jigger, and juicer can come in handy. Don’t have any bar tools? No worries! We will teach you tricks to take those everyday kitchen tools (like mason jars and wooden spoons) and make them your own DIY bar set.

What does a class look like?

We love to customize a class for all of your needs & preferred class length. 


Typically, a class includes a bar tool tutorial, garnish prep, a Q&A section, and the drink recipe itself! We also like to throw in fun facts and trivia to make your party one to remember!

How do your group sizes work?

Our prices are based on group size. The group size includes everyone in your party, even if they are sharing one screen. We do have some leeway though, so no worries if your party of 20 turns into a party of 21, that 1 is on us!

Do you ship kits?

Our focus is on offering the BEST virtual mixology classes, so we do not offer ingredient kits. All of our recipes listed are drinks that use fresh ingredients. Do you want a full turn-key operation for your event? We gotchu!


If you need ingredient kits for your guests, we’re happy to recommend one of our partners that offer full-service cocktail kits (email us here for a list of our favorite partners). 


Simply book the mixology class and write “kit” in drink choices. We will teach the class based on the kit you have chosen. You can also choose to send a kit to your instructor or have her make the drink using fresh ingredients she can find in store!


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