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Fancy Sips is a creative cocktail studio. We supply fresh ingredients, bar tools, and recipe cards to teach our guests how to create their favorite drinks from scratch.

our story

Fancy Sips started as a happy accident- all thanks to some unexpected snow in Tennessee. 


In 2016, I started my own artisan candle business in Nashville, TN. I sold my handmade candles online & at local festivals in Nashville. 


In December 2017, I was supposed to sell my candles at a Christmas festival in Franklin, TN. Five days before the festival, I saw snow in the forecast. I got creative and decided to make a last-minute change to my booth. Instead of selling candles, I set up a 'Build Your Own Hot Cocoa' booth. I sold out of cocoa within a few hours.


I realized that people loved to create their own drinks. I took my bartending experience from college and created a series of classes where guests could learn how to create their own cocktails in a 1-hour class.I love to make things, and now I get to teach other people how to make things. 


My heart is very full (most of the time- so is my margarita glass). 

our mission

Our mission is to empower each guest with the tools, techniques, and recipes to create their own drinks with fresh ingredients.


Our goal is for you to leave our cocktail classes with everything you need to BYOB (be your own bartender) at home. 

our cities

Fancy Sips was born in Nashville, TN. 


We offer private cocktail classes in Nashville, TN & Madison, WI. We'll be popping up in a few more cities this year, so keep an eye out :) 


Want to see Fancy Sips in your city? Let us know here

about us

Fancy Sips is a creative cocktail studio. We supply fresh ingredients, bar tools, and recipe cards to teach our guests how to create their favorite drinks from scratch. 


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